Ametek SLM-250-10-300 Low Power Dual Input programmable Loads (300W, 250V, 10A)

  • Manufacturer: Ametek
    Model: SLM-250-10-300
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: AMETEK Instruments

Model:  SLM-250-10-300 

Warranty: 12 months


Input Ratings

Voltage: 250V

Current: 10A

Power: 300W

Minimum Voltage: 0.8V @ 10A

CC Mode

Range 1: | Range 2:0-1A; 0-10A

Resolution: 0.268mA; 2.68mA

Accuracy: ± 0.2% of (Setting + Range)

CR Mode

Range 1: (I > 0.02% of RATING): 25-18.75KΩ

Range 2:(I > 0.2% of RATING):  1.333-25Ω

CV Mode

Range: 0-250V

Resolution:  0.067V

CP Mode

Range: 0-300W

Resolution: 0.08W

Short Mode:

Resistance: 0.08Ω

Current: 10A

T High & T Low: 50µs to 9.999s

Rise/Fall of Range 1: 0.8-50mA/µs

Rise/Fall of Range 2:8.0-500mA/µs

Accuracy: ± 10% of Setting

4 1/2 DVM:

Range: 30.0V; 250.0V

Resolution: 0.001V; 0.01V

Accuracy: ± 0.05% of (Reading + Range)

4 1/2 DAM:

Range: 1.0A; 10.0A

Resolution:  0.0001A; 0.001A

Accuracy: ± 0.2% of (Reading + Range)

Current Monitor: N/A

Load ON Volt:

Range: 0.2-50V

Resolution: 0.2V

Accuracy: 1% + 0.5V

Load OFF Volt: 

Range: 0-50V

Resolution: 0.01V

Accuracy: 1% + 0.5V





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