Máy đo pH/EC/TDS/nhiệt độ cầm tay HANNA HI 9811-5 (0.0 to 14.0 pH; 0.00 to 6.000 mS/cm; 0 to 3.000 mg/L; 0.0 to 60.0°C)

Thang đo
+ PH: 0.0 to 14.0 pH
+ EC: 0 to 6000 µS/cm
+ TDS: 0 to 3000 mg/L (ppm)
+ Nhiệt độ: 0 to 60°C
Độ phân giải
+ PH: 0.1 pH
+ EC: 10 µS/cm
+ TDS: 10 mg/L
+ Nhiệt độ: 0°C
Độ chính xác
+ PH: ±0.1 pH
+ EC: ±2% F.S.
+ TDS: ±2% F.S.
+ Nhiệt độ:±0.5°C
Hệ số chuyển đổi TDS: 0.5 mg/L = 1 µS/cm
Hiệu chuẩn: Bằng tay tại một điểm
Nguồn: Pin 9V sử dụng khoảng 150 giờ liên tục
Kích thước: 145 x 80 x 36 mm
Trọng lượng: 230g

Chi tiết
  • Water resistant
  • On-screen tutorial messages for calibration
  • Switch parameters at the touch of a button
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation for pH and conductivity
  • Simple calibration; Dials located on the front panel makes calibration quick and simple, even for non-technical users
  • BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings
  • Battery % displayed on startup
  • Fast response probe included


HI 9811-5 is a pH/EC/TDS waterproof meter designed for simplicity in taking pH, µS/cm, ppm (mg/L) and temperature measurements. both the HI 9811-5 and HI 9812-5 are ideal for hydroponics, greenhouses, farming and ground water applications.

Due to the built-in temperature sensor, conductivity readings are automatically compensated for temperature changes. The temperature coefficient is fixed
at 2%/°C.

No probe changes are required when switching your measured parameter between pH, conductivity and TDS. These multiparameter meters reduce the number of instruments required for daily water quality analysis.

The specially engineered HI 1285-5 pH/EC/TDS and temperature probe utilizes a fiber junction and gel electrolyte which provide a fast response and reduced contamination. This combination makes the HI 1285-5 particularly designed to withstand harsh environments such as fertilizer solutions.

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