Anda Jet-8600喷胶阀

It is adjusted by single mechanical component, and is of high availability. The unique noise eduction design can fully reduce noise. he wetted parts are detachable to easy cleaning and maintenance.

Structure: Pneumatic injection valve

Weight: 585g

Operating medium: Filtered oil-free dry compressed air(recommend to filter under 40 μm)

Operating pressure: ≥0.6MPa

Fluid pressure: 0~0.3Mpa

Maximum operating frequency: 200Hz

Minimum dispensing Diameter: 0.5mm

Highest heating temperature: 80℃

Viscosity range: 1~20000Cps

Driving: High-speed solenoid valve

Fluid inlet: Luer taper

Applied fluid: SMT adhesive, conductive silver paste, IC encapsulation adhesive, underfill, sealant adhesive, surface coating adhesive

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