HV HIPOT GDCR8100B Transformer Iron Core Ground Current Tester (0.00mA~100A)

Function: Iron core ground current test, AC leakage current test, current online test

Power supply: DC 9V alkaline dry battery LR6 1.5V 6pcs

Test method: Clamp-on CT

Size of clamp opening: 80*80mm ( φ80mm cable or 96*4mm ground line of flat steel can be clamped)

Current range: AC 0.00mA~100A


AC 0.00mA~9.99mA; resolution: 0.01mA

AC 10.0mA~99.9mA; resolution: 0.1mA

AC 100mA~999mA; resolution: 1mA

AC 1.0A~100.0A; resolution: 0.1A

Accuracy: ±(0.5%+5dgt)

Frequency range: 10~1000Hz

Display mode: 3.5-inch color touch LCD screen (320 dot *240 dot)

Operation mode: Intelligent touch operation, push button operation

Size of main unit: 198*100*45mm

Size of current clamp: 194*145*40mm

Weight: Main unit: 450g(with battery); current clamp: 780g

LCD: Display area: 71*53mm

Disturbance of electric field: External electric field 100A. It is about 10mA when coming closer by 10mm,

Sampling rate: 1 times/s

Data storage: 200groups (No data loss when there is power failure or battery replacement)

Data & time setting: Available

Serial No. of test object: Available

Auto shut-down: Available. Auto shut-down after powering on for 5 minutes (default). This function can be canceled.

Touch screen calibration: Available

USB port: Available. Data can be exported to PC via USB port.

Alarm setting: Setting range of alarm threshold: 10mA~99.99A

Alarm indication: When the measured value exceeds alarm threshold, LCD screen flashes and buzzer rings.

Line voltage: <AC 600V

Over-flow: “OL” symbol appears when there is over-range.

Battery voltage: Low battery symbol appears to remind the replacement of battery when battery voltage drops to 7.2V±0.1V, which does not affect the accuracy of measured value.

Rated current: Max. 180mA

Length of lead wire: 2m

Use condition: -10℃~40℃, <80%RH

Storage condition: -10℃~60℃, <70%RH

Insulation strength: AC 2kV/rms (Between screw and shell)

Safety regulation compliance: IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, pollution degree 2, CAT Ⅲ 600V, IEC61326(EMC standard)



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