PCE-MSR145S-TH 数据记录器

Measurement range:

-10ºC up to 65ºC
0 - 100% r.h., -20ºC up to 65ºC



±0.1ºC (5ºC up to 45ºC)
±0.2ºC (-10ºC up to 65ºC)
±2% r.h. (10 - 90% r.h., 0ºC up to 40ºC)
±0.5ºC (0ºC up to 40ºC)
Measurement quota:
Temperature and humidity

1/s for 12 h

Memory up to 2,000,000 readings
Start / finish time and date programmable
Alarm levels user adjustable
Status indication 3 LEDs
Port USB
Software included
Dew point is calculated by the software once data has been received (accuracy of ±2ºC)
Power rechargeable lithium-polymer (170 mAh)
Batteries are charged via the USB port
A single charge will last several months (1 measurement per minute).
Operating conditions -20 to 65ºC / 500 mbar to 2500 absolute
Dimensions 20 x 15 x 52mm PCE-MSR 145S
Weight 16 g PCE-MSR 145S
Operating temperature -20 to 70°C
Cover material silicone
Medium Aire en el PCE-MSR 145S
Standards meets with EU RoHS / WEEE
PCE-MSR 145S: IP 60


Manufacturer: PCE UK

Warranty: 12 months


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