Preen ADS-28-800大功率直流电源(24kVA,0~28V,0~800A)

  • 制造商: Preen
    Model: ADS-28-800
    来源: Taiwan
    保障: 12 month
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Capacity (kVA) : 24kVA
Circuit Type : SCR

Phase : 3 phase 4W+G (Y)
Voltage : 220V/380V ± 10%
Frequency Range : 60Hz±3Hz or 50Hz±3Hz

Voltage : 28VDC±10% Adjustable (25.2VDC ~ 30.8VDC )
Rate Current: 0~800A
Overload Capacity : None
Current-limiting adjustable : 40~800A
Line Regulation : ≤0.5%
Load Regulation : ≤0.5%
Ripple(Vrms) : ≤1%

Digital Voltmeter : 28.0V
Digital Ammeter : 800.0A

Protection : Over-Voltage; Over-Current; Over-temperature; Short-circuit protection
Insulation Resistance : > DC500V 10MΩ
Withstand voltage insulation :AC 1500V 10mA/1min
Cooling system : Air Forced Fan
Opertional Temp. : -10 -45 độ C /500meter(Altitu de) / Prevent against dust and dust from carbon bush
Humidity : 0-90% Non-condensing
Noise : <65dB
Remote Monitoring : Adjust output voltage range from 0~100% via 0~5Vdc external. option

Case ( Dimensions )(HxWxD)mm
Portable outdoorunit : 1355x930x970
Stand alone unit : 600x980x1355
Weight (Lb/Kg)
Portable outdoorunit: 882/400
Stand alone unit: 640/290


The ADS Series is a high power DC power supply with robust circuit design and high stability. It is suitable for inductive type loads and aerospace or military applications, such as motor equipment, production testing, maintenance & repair, generators, aircraft engines, laboratories and etc.


ADS provides high quality DC source with output level up to180kW and 1500A, and has overload capability up to 300%. Users can select between two output voltage: 28V ± 10% or 270V ± 10%, which is suitable for aerospace applications. ADS also can be mounted on trailer to increase its mobility.

    • O/P Power- 6-180kW


    • O/P Voltage- 28V ±10%
      - 270V±10%


    • Interface- RS485 (Optional)
      - RS232 (Optional)
  • Output voltage of 28V ± 10% or 270V ± 10% for aerospace or military usage
  • Output current ranges from 50A to 1500A with maximum overload to 4500A
  • Capable to sustain abusive loads with inrush current and reverse current, such as aircraft engine or generators
  • Constant voltage and current limitation functions
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
  • Optional RS232 or RS485 communication interfaces or control terminals for remote control and monitoring

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