Tủ ấm có sàng lắc GFL 3031 (46 lít, đến 70 °C)

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Hãng sản xuất: GFL
Model: 3031
Xuất xứ: Đức
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Dải nhiệt độ: nhiệt độ môi trường cộng 8 đến +70 °C
Tần số lắc: 20 - 250 rpm
Biên độ lắc: 30 mm
Tải trọng lớn nhất: 12 kg
Thời gian cài đặt (hẹn giờ): 1 phút đến 999 giờ
Dung tích: 46 lít/ 1 khay lắc
Cổng kết nối RS232
Kích thước trong (W x D x H): 450 x 450 x 280 mm
Kích thước ngoài (W x D x H): 525 x 665 x 570 mm
Nguồn điện: 230 V / 50...60 Hz / 0.8 kW
Khối lượng: 50 kg
Thể tích đóng gói: 0.51 m3


 Specifications and features
    Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation, PID type.
    Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.2 °C temporal at 40 °C.
    Optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior by fan circulation.
    Electronic monitoring of the temperature regulator triggers visual alarm in case of fault. The heating is switched off, the cause of the fault is reported in the LED display through error codes.
    Adjustable limits for over- and under-temperatures alarms (optical and audible).
    Microprocessor-controlled timer displays continuously the current remaining running time of the incubation time and signals acoustically its expiry.
    Fast and exact temperature setting, exact reproducibility of set values, such as temperature, shaking frequency and incubation time.
    Soft-touch keys with characteristic symbols.
    Digital temperature readout and setting via LED display, in steps of 0.1 °C.
    RS 232 serial interface for trouble-free data transfer.
    Built-in cooling coil for applications below ambient temperature as a standard scope of supply.
    Silent and robust shaking mechanism with gentle start-up.
    Shaking platform made of anodised aluminium, equipped with four plastic pins for secure attachment of shaking tray 3966 or universal mount 3967 (accessories).
    Housing made of heavy-duty acrylic glass cover (ABS) and powder-coated, electrolitically galvanised sheet steel.
    Lift-up acrylic glass cover.
Applications: Shaking Incubator 3031 is used for applications that require exactly reproducible circular motion and temperatures up to 70 °C. It is preferred by standard and research laboratories for incubations, fermentations, homogenisations, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for cultivating bacteria cultures.

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