ポータブル超音波診断装置DRAMINSKI FAST

  • 生産者: DRAMINSKI
    Model: FAST
    起源: Poland
    品物を保証します: 12 month
    • 要件クオート 要件クオート
  • 전화번호: いい価格のため、連絡しなさい
    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

Use: ultrasound medical diagnostics

Mode of imaging: black-and-white imaging B,  B+B,  B+

Image management: 



Zoom 60 – 200% of the initial image, enlargement every 20%

Full screen function

Storage of images and cine-loops in the memory (256 exposures)

Transferring images and cine-loops from the memory to the screen

Measuring (distance, surface, volume)

Monitor: LCD LED screen, diagonal 6.5″

Functions’ control: membrane keyboard

Images and cine-loops’ memory: memory capacity is min. 200 images and 200 cine-loops with a date and description

Image transmission: to an external disc – possibility to connect to a USB port via external memory connector using a special adaptor

Type of heads: Mechanical – abdominal  90º, endovaginal  90º and endorectal 360º. Frequency range from: 3 to 10 MHz

Number of head ports: two independent ports (connectors)

Supply: external battery pack (Li-Ion, 14.4V, 3.1 Ah)

Continuous work at battery supply: 4 hours 30 minutes – at a single fully charged battery pack

Time of battery pack charging: about 2.5 hours (charger Type 2541 LI)

Indicator of battery pack discharge: graphic indicator – colour code and a sound signal before an automatic switch off

Size: 23.0 cm x 20.0 cm x  6.0 cm

Weight of the device: 1530 g without a probe and the battery pack

Weight of the battery pack: 280 g

Working temperature: +10°C to +45°C

Storage temperature: +5°C to +45°C

Energy consumption: around 0.71 A

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