KERN ALS ALS 160-4A 分析秤

  • 生産者: KERN
    Model: ALS160-4A
    起源: China
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Model: ALS 160-4A

Manufacturer: KERN

Warranty: 12 Months


     only ALJ: Automatic internal adjustment

  Description: http://img2.kern-sohn.com/cosmoshop/default/pix/symbole/symbol-cat-verweis-02.jpgonly ALS: Adjusting program CAL for quick setting of the balance accuracy, external test weights at an additional price

  Ergonomically optimised keypad for left and righthanded users

  Modern glass draft wind shield for optimal visibility of the weighing object

  Compact size, practical for small spaces

  Percentage determination: makes it possible to store a given weight value (100%) and to determine deviations from this target value

  Weighing with tolerance range, ideal for portion division, dispensing, grading


Casing material: Plastic

Dimensions housing (WxDxH): 210 mm x 340 mm x 330 mm

Level indicator: yes

Material weighing plate: stainless steel

Revolving screw feet: yes

Overall dimensions mounted (WxDxH): 210 mm x 340 mm x 330 mm

Weighing space (WxDxH): 160 mm x 140 mm x 205 mm

Weighing surface (d): 80


Display digit height: 1,700 cm


DKD Certificate: 963-101

Technical data about verification:

Verification class: I (ohne Bauartzulassung


Input voltage: 220 V - 240 V AC 50 Hz


Counting function: yes

Density determination function: yes

Dynamic Weighing function: yes

GLP record: yes

Peak function: yes

Percentage determination: yes

PRE-TARE function: yes

Standby function: yes

Weighing with tolerance range: yes

Measuring system:

Adjustment options: External calibration

Linearity: 0,300mg

Readout [d]: 0,100mg

Recommended adjusting weight: 150 g (E2)

Reproducibility: 0,100mg

Stabilisation time: 4s

Weighing range [Max]: 160g

Weighing system: Force compensation

Weighing units: mo ct tl (Singap. Malays) tl (HK) ozt gn g dwt tl (Tw) oz lb

Environmental conditions:

Maximum humidity: 80 %

Maximum operating temperature: 35 °C

Minimum ambient temperature: 5 °C


Counting resolution: 320000

Mininum piece weight at piece counting: 0,500 mg

Reference quantity: 10 25 50 100

Reference weight: yes

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