Leaptronix AIWT-5000A3自動巻線試験システム

    Model: AIWT-5000A3
    品物を保証します: 12 month
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IWT-5000A Specification

Testing Voltage: 200V~5000V(100V Steps)

Output Energy: 0.25J (Max)

Inductance Range Of Test Coil: 10μH and above

Sampling Rate: 8 bit /10ns (100MHz)

Sampling Memory Depth: 5000 Byte

Input Resistance: 10MΩ

Display Measure: 5.6 inch Colored LCD (320 x 234)

Comparison Measures: AreaSize Comparison, DiffZone Comparison, Corona Amount Comparison,

Corona Number Comparison

Storage Waveforms: 360 Sets of waveforms

Comparison Output: Pass/Fail, beeping

Communication: 1. USB 2.0 2. RS-232 3. I/O


The 3 Channels Matrix Scanner

- U,V,W 3 channels high voltage auto switch.

- Test Voltage: 200V~ 5000V

- Dimension: 314 x 66 x 226mm


The Intelligent Software for System Integration

Special design for the 3-phase motor.

- Provide the multiple parameters settings for the coils.

- The test and record test data and waveforms automatically.

- The system operation is simple and convenient to use.

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