ShuttleStar SR-350デスクリフローオーブン

  • 生産者: Shuttlestar
    Model: SR-350
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    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

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Manufacture: ShuttleStar
Model: SR-350
Made in China
Warranty: 12 month

Temperature control stage: able to set 8 stages of profile as per requirement
Temperature control system:  auto-controlled by Single Chip Microcomputer, SSR contactless output, touch screen interface, easy to operate.
Temperature accuracy:  ±5℃
Time for increase: 2min
Temperature range: 20℃~260℃
Heat Sources:  Infrared + Hot air
Reflow Time:  3min±1min
Profile:  able to set and save different profiles for different items
Profile testing: by accurate thermocouple
Cooling System:  Constantcurrent cooling rapidly and evenly
Rated Voltage: AC Single phase, 220V; 50HZ
Rated Power:  3.8KW
Working Area: 350mm*230mm
Machine dimension: 670×445×275mm
Weight: 42KG

Chi tiết

With the features of high accuracy, multifunctions, economical, energy-saving,
stable performance, long service life and visible operation,
This mini reflow oven is suitable for the small-scale electronic
factories for small-lot production, and for some R&D purpose.
It is also the ideal supplementary equipment for prodution line in some large-scale factories.