SOLO 332-001 煙探出器及びCO分配 133mm

  • 生産者: SOLO
    Model: 332-001
    起源: China
    品物を保証します: 12 month
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  • Price (exclude tax) 4,756,779 VND
    Price (include tax) 5,232,457 VND
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    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

Manufacturer: SOLO

Model: 332-001

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Lightweight and simple to use

Spring-loaded solution for suspended ceilings

Transparent test cup for clear view of detector LED

Swing frame for use at / from angles

Outstanding quality backed by lifetime warranty*

Detector manufacturer approved

For testing detectors of up to 133mm in diameter

Test: Smoke & CO

Include: Solo 332

Option necessary: 

- SOLO A10-001: Smoke Detector Tester Aerosol (150ml Canister (for use with SOLO  330/332 Dispenser)  

-SOLO 610-001: Carrying Bag (For carrying Head Units, Battery Batons, Battery Charger & Aerosol Cans)

- SOLO C3-001: Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester (for use with SOLO  330/332 Dispenser) 

- SOLO 100-001: Telescopic Access Pole (From 1.26m to 4.50m in 4 sections for access up to approx. 6.00m)

- SOLO 101-001:Extension Pole 1.13m length

- SOLO 108-001: Telescopic Access Pole (From 1.27m to 2.20m in 2 sections for access up to approx 4.00m)

Chi tiết

Fundamental to functional smoke checking for many professionals around the world the Solo 330 contains 

the test aerosol and ensures that it is applied correctly and contained only where required. 

Used with the access poles it enables safe testing at heights but is equally valued at low level.



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