YuYang YY438建材火災試験装置

  • 生産者: YuYang
    Model: YY438
    起源: China
    品物を保証します: 12 month
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    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

1. Ignition system

10kV spark ignition, equipped with a safety ceasefire device. 

Imported mass flow meter controls input flow.

With flame automatic alarm device, safe and reliable.

2. Gas sampling system, including particulate filter, cold trap, suction pump, drying cylinder, flow controller

3. measuring system

Paramagnetic analyzer, O2 measurement range 0-25%, linear deviation <1%.

Infrared CO2 analyzer; Measuring range: 0-2 / 10%, linear deviation: <± 1%.

Measurement of smoke density by laser system.

Computer control system

Embedded integrated 10.2 "touch screen

4. Control parameter setting and display; test status and fault display, query.

5. Data acquisition and preservation; screen monitoring, real-time temperature curve, real-time CO2 / O2 data curve display; historical curve and data query.

6. Data USB export. History curve and data query, print.

7. It can independently control the machine to complete the test.

8. There are audible alarm and alarm accident display function.

9. Control box with USB / RS232 serial port, can be an external desktop / notebook computer operation control.

10. Programmable (PLC) control system

· Automatic ignition, ignition failure detection protection.

· Automatic Control and Display of Propane Gas Flow.

· PLC + inverter to implement automatic control and display of exhaust gas flow.

· Automatic measurement and calculation of material combustion: heat release rate (H.R.R), smoke growth index (SPR), oxygen consumption (O2), CO2 generation.


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