Bega Betex HP 63 유압식 풀러 (6ton, 300mm)

  • 생산업체: BEGA
    Model: HP-63
    출처: Netherlands
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  • Price (exclude tax) 10,368,004 VND
    Price (include tax) 11,404,804 VND
  • 재고수량: 1
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Art.no: 792000
Capacity: 6 ton
Shaft lenght Max: 215 mm
Spread Max: 300 mm
Stroke: 85 mm
2/3-arm combination puller,integrated pump and cylinder!
Weight Kg: 6.5


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Download Catalog  Bega

BETEX HP 2/3 ARM PULLER with integrated pump and cylinder in pratical PE case
Compact, ergonomic design, easily operated by one person!
These HP-pullers are ideal for pulling a wide variety of parts, including bearings, bushings, wheels, gears and pulleys. Applications for HP-pullers will be found in motor repair shops, service companies, maintenance shops, industry, mining, paper mills, chemical plants, shipping, offshore, etc.
The self contained hydraulic pump and cylinder save space, as you don’t need a separate pump, hose or puller.
The harder the force, the tighter the jaws grip. The arms cannot bend or deflect.

2/3-arm combination puller, 2 pullers for the price of one, including integrated pump and cylinder!

The improved integral safety release valve prevents overloading and ensures that you will never exceed the maximum power capacity.

Various accessories are available. Sets are supplied in practical PE case and consist of a puller block, connecting rods and a set of bearing splitters.

 Shaft lenght
 4 ton
 185 mm
 275 mm
 60 mm
 6 ton
 215 mm
 300 mm
 85 mm
 8 ton
 230 mm
 350 mm
 85 mm
 12 ton
 270 mm
 375 mm
 85 mm
 20 ton
 360 mm
 520 mm
 111 mm
 30 ton
 360 mm
 550 mm
 111 mm


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