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  • 생산업체: BIOBASE
    Model: UA-200
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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Manufacturer: BIOBASE

Model:  UA-200

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months



-  RS232 standard interface.

- Two modes of sole test and continuous test. 

- Keep a recond of 1000 test results automatically. 

- The maximum checking quantity is  120 specimens per hour .

- Automatic record the colour and clearity of the urine specimens.

- Putting in the date and the medical recond number for consulting.

- Selecting the printer format of either “+/-”system or figure system.

Measurement Principle: Ultra high brightness coldlight source/Reflection measurement principle

Application Scope: 14 Items


Test Speed: 60-120 test/hr

Display: LCD display

Wavelength: 525nm-660nm

Working Condition: Temperature 5℃~40℃,Humidity<85%

Data Storage: 2000 patient data

Interface: RS232 standard interface

Print Mode: Built-in thermal printer 

Fault Diagnosis: Instrument self-test and wokk in with standard gray level detection

Leakage Urine Function: Available, avoid cross infection

Power Supply: AC110/220V ± 10%, 60/50Hz

Package Size(W*D*H): 490mm*365mm*220mm

Gross Weight: 6.5kg



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