THÔNG BÁO: Lịch nghỉ lễ 30/4-1/5/2020

THÔNG BÁO: Lịch nghỉ lễ 30/4-1/5/2020

2020년 04월 27일 18시 09분 51초
  • TET Holiday 2020

    2019년 12월 31일 09시 33분 02초

    EMIN Vietnam Joint Stock Company would like to inform customers and partners of Lunar New Year holiday 2019 as follows

  • Announcement: Vietnam Independence Day Holiday

    2019년 08월 29일 14시 01분 42초

    Emin Vietnam would like to announce the National Day 2/9 holiday schedule to our valued customers, Partners,

  • Lunar New Year Holiday 2019

    2019년 01월 30일 08시 36분 50초

  • Payment method

    2016년 07월 08일 17시 16분 13초

    PAYMENT METHOD:   Payment method   To create the most favorable conditions for the payment of the customer, our company would like to offer many different   payment methods to best suit the conditions of the customer.

  • How to order

    2016년 07월 08일 16시 50분 54초

    Step 1: Search and select products The products are classified in the site details for each commodity group. Please click the categories they are interested or use the search sites to find the product you are there.

  • Change and Returns

    2015년 03월 27일 05시 02분 31초

  • Transport policy of Emin

    2013년 07월 11일 16시 07분 14초

    PURPOSE: Make a difference in interest and support for customers when shopping website Emin system, we will DELIVER FREE IN NATIONWIDE.

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