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  • 생산업체: GLobal Water
    Model: WS755
    보증: 12 month
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Operating Temperature: 32° to +158°F (0° to +70°C)


     Enclosure: Expanded UV protected PVC

     Bottle: Two 1 gallon Polyethylene

     Pickup Hose: 15 ft reinforced PVC 1/4" ID polyethylene flexible tubing section with intake strainer

     Pump Tubing: Norprene 1/4 inch ID, 7/16 inch OD

Sample Pump:

     Flow Rate: 1000 ml per minute at a 4 foot head

     Type: Peristaltic

     Maximum Lift: ~20 feet

Power: Rechargeable 5 AH Gel Cell (Pump running continuously: 1 pump-1h, 2pumps-1/2h)  

     Standby: 3 months while still retaining enough power to run both pumps to capacity

Start Delay: 16 time settings from 0 to 12 hours

Composite Interval: 15 time settings from 5 min. to 12 hours plus an External Trigger mode setting

Sample Size: 15 composite sample sizes from 50 ml to 2 liters plus a Full Bottle discrete setting (Approximate sizes at 4 foot head)

External Trigger Input: 250mS minimum pulse width

     Switch closure or  4-30VDC

Pulse Output: 5VDC one-second pulse

     1000ohm output impedance

Bottle Switch Input: Switch closure input

     Floating switch in bottle

Rain and Water Sensors: Optional moisture sensors or switch closure inputs

Internal Fuse: 10A Slow-Blow

Charger: 18 VDC Regulated Switching Supply, 330 mA 6 Watt, 2.1 mm Connector

Size of unit: 22x18x10 inch (56x45.7x25.4 cm) (HxWxD)

Weight: 30 lb (13.6 kg)






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