GDM-8351디지털 미터 (0.012 %, True Rms)

* 120,000 counts, VFD display
* Dual measurement/Dual display
* The basic precision of DC voltage: 0.012%
* Selectable measurement speeds, the maximum: 320 Readings/s
* True RMS (AC,AC+DC) measurements
* Auto/manual selection
* 12 different measurement functions: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, AC+DC voltage/current, 2W/4W resistance, continuity beeper, diode test, capacitance, frequency, temperature
* Many auxiliary functions: Max./Min., REL/REL#, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm, Math (MX+B, %, 1/X)
* Digital I/O provides dual mode (standard Compare and User definition modes)
* Standard RS-232C and USB device interface (support USBCDC and USBTMC modes)

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