HAIDA HD-A510-1 골판지 내구성 테스트 장비 (428kg-cm)

  • 생산업체: HAIDA
    Model: HD-A510-1
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Haida
Model: HD-A510-1
Warranty: 12 month
Made in China

The main technical parameters
Capacity: A) Scale 0~26.75 kg-cm
              B) Scale 0~53.5 kg-cm
              C) Scale 0~107 kg-cm
              D) Scale 0~214 kg-cm
              E) Scale 0~428 kg-cm
Unit ( optional): kg-cm, Joule, or designated
Sample: 175×175mm, 300×300mm
Impale Cone: height: 1″
Radius of Curvature: 1.5 mm
Outside Dimension (L×W×H): 86×43×80 mm
Weight: 135 kg


1. microcomputer control technology, LCD display
2.functions of test data processing
Cardboard puncture resistance testing equipment is applicable to testing the puncture resistance strength of all kinds of corrugated cardboard.
cardboard puncture resistance tester parameter conforms to the related regulation.cardboard puncture tester has the characteristics of swift compaction, handle resetting automatically and safety protection, the testing result is high precise and reliable. Also, it has the function of calculation, and can print the testing quantitative data and average value. cardboard puncture resistance tester is a dispensable equipment of paper-making factory, research and quality supervision department.

Main features:
(1) Computer-controlled technology, open structure, high automation procedures, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable.
(2) Automatic measurement, intelligent judgement, real time display of clamping pressure for sample by operation system.
(3) Automatically measure, count, print the test results, and data can be stored.
(4) Micro-high-speed thermal printer, high-speed print, low noise, no need for ink and ribbons, and it is easy to use and has low failure rate.
(5) Modern design concept of electro-mechanical integration, it has compact structure, elegant appearance and convenient maintenance.

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