E터치스크린 디지털 오실로스코프 OWON XDS3104 (100M, 1GS / s, 2CH, 40M 레코드 길이)

  • 생산업체: OWON
    Model: XDS3104
    보증: 12 month
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  • Price (exclude tax) 16,920,000 VND
    Price (include tax) 18,612,000 VND
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    핫라인: (+84) 969950220

    전화번호+84 (24) 62923267

Bandwidth: 100MHz

Sample Rate: 1GS/s (500MS/s for each channel)

Vertical Resolution (A/D)): 8 bits  

Record length: 40M

Waveform Refresh Rate: 70,000 wfms/s

Horizontal Scale (s/div)): 1ns/div - 1000s/div, step by 1 - 2 - 5

Channel: 4

Display: 8" color LCD, 800 x 600 pixels display

Sample Rate / Relay Time Accuracy: ±2.5 ppm

Input Coupling: DC, AC, GND

Vertical Sensitivity: 1mV/div - 10V/div (at input)

Trigger Type: Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, Runt, Windows, Timeout, Nth Edge, Logic, I2C, SPI, RS232, 

and CAN (optional)

Bus Decoding(optional): I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN

Trigger Mode: Auto, Normal, and Single

Vertical Range: ±2V(1mV/div~50mV/div);±20V(100mV/div~1V/div);±200V(2V/div~10V/div)

Waveform Math: +, -, *, /, FFT, Intg, Diff, Sqrt, and user defined function

Communication Interface: USB host, USB device, USB port for PictBridge, Trig Out (P/F), LAN, and VGA (optional)

Frequency Counter: available

Power Supply: 100V - 240V AC, 50/60Hz, CAT II

Fuse: 2A, T class, 250V

Battery (optional): 3.7V, 13200mA

Dimension (W x H x D): 340mmx177mmx90mm

Optional Module: VGA. WIF, AWG, DMM, MTS

Accessories: Power Cord, CD Rom, Quick Guide, USB Cable, Probe Adjust, Probe, Soft Bag (optional), Q9 (optional), Multimeter Lead(optional), Battery (optional), Capacitance Ext Module (optional)



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