Rohde & Schwarz FPC-Z10 티칭 키트

  • 생산업체: Rohde & Schwarz
    Model: FPC-Z10
    출처: Czech Republic
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R&S®FPC1500 – an affordable spectrum analyzer with the value of three: spectrum analysis, one-port

vector network analysis and signal generation RF teaching kit – a universal board with a

transceiver, DC/DC converter circuitry for EMI troubleshooting and an onboard calibration kit for

network analysis

ı Lab sheets

Step-by-step exercises for the teaching kit to equip students with practical skills in operating test and measurement instruments  

ı R&S®InstrumentView

R&S®InstrumentView includes an educational feature called “Lab” that can help professors conveniently manage, monitor and assist students

with their measurements from a central or remote location

Rohde & Schwarz was founded 85 years ago and is headquartered in Munich. The independent technology group develops, produces and markets a wide range of innovative communications, information and security products for industry and government customers.

The company has grouped its activities into four business fields in order to address the different markets with dedicated products: Test and measurement, Broadcast and media, Aerospace | defense | security and The networks and cybersecurity.

Test and measurement: Rohde & Schwarz is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic test and measurement and communications equipment. From the very beginning Rohde & Schwarz has driven innovation in RF technology. We have always taken up the challenge of pushing the limits of what is technically feasible. We aim to provide our customers with the market’s highest-performance solutions for their applications at a good value price.


Simplified Catalog:  

See R&S products here: https://emin.vn/rohde-schwarz-425/ma.html

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