테스트 방법 벤딩 머신 Schildknecht Testex TF117B

  • 생산업체: Testex
    Model: TF117B
    보증: 12 month
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    핫라인: (+84) 969950220

    전화번호+84 (24) 62923267

Manufacturer: Testex

Model: TF117B

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Power: 220V  50/60Hz 

Weight: 190 kg

Dimensions: 360 x 490 x 280 mm (L x W x H)

Stroke length: 11.7 mm

Counter: 1-999999 times

Standards: ISO 7854, BS 3424, GB/T 12586

Chi tiết

Schildknecht Flexing Tester is designed to determine the resistance of coated fabrics to damage by flexing due to oscillation at 500 times per minute. Can accommodate 10 specimens, and safety shield is offered to protect operator. Test speed, counting and timing are set and displayed on the LCD and controller


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