YuYang YY1018 Water Spray Test Chamber

  • 생산업체: YuYang
    Model: YY1018
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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1. Internal size:D1000×W1000×H1000mm

2. External size:D1200×W1500×H1900mm

3. Spray system:consists of Italian high pressure high temp. water pump,high pressure high temp. hydraulic pressure gauge,high pressure high temp. solenoid valve

5. Tube:304 stainless steel joint,high temperature resistance,high pressure hydraulic tubing

6. Spray temp.:80°±5°

7. Spray pressure:80~100bar(8000~10000Kpa)100kg

8. Flow rate :14~16L/min

9. Spray distance:10~15cm

10. When spraying at 0°,30°,60°,90°,the distance between tested specimen is 100-150mm; 30s/ position.

Turntable:specimen should be placed on a turntable of 5r/min

11.Spray interval:30S(can be set)

12.Operation time control:1min~9999min(adjustable)

13.Water circulation makes water source to be recycled.

14. Bearing surface:frontal area of product

15. Spray pressure gauge:display spray pressure

16. Control system:Independent R&D touch screen

17. External test room : toughened glass as waterproof wall, stainless steel square tube as bracket

Environment requirement:

1. Voltage: 380V; power: 12KW

2. Temperature and humidity range:10-40C°,20-75HR%

3. Distance between device and other object:back side&left and right:above 500mm;Front side:1.2m

4. Water source:purified water 30L

5. drainage pipeline:connect with 4 drainage pipelines behind the equipment



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