ABD B6006 Metal Color assessment cabinet (D65,TL84,F,UV,TL83,CWF)

Light sources: D65,TL84,F,UV,TL83,CWF

Weight: 23KG

Dimension: 683x525x538mm

Lamp Brand: Philips



Product advantages

1.All-metal material, solid and stable, durable and non-deformable;

2.Streamlined seamless design, beautiful and generous, no light leakage and transmission

3.Freely switched the light source;

4.Record the used time and times of each light source;

5.The name of light source can be changed,which is more convenient to add or replace light source;

6.Automatic switching  the light source.You can illuminate a variety of light sources individually or simultaneously;

7.Homochromatic and heterographic spectrum funtion;

8.No preheating, no screen flash, can ensure fast and reliable color evaluation;

9.Small size, simple operation, easy to use, high cost performance.

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