ABD CC120-B Vertical Color Matching Booth (D65,D50,TL84,U30)

With drawers, no cupboard

CC120 Veritical color matching booth available light sources include D65,D50,TL84,U30

I. Illuminant:ISO3664 internation standard

    •  Illuiminant:D50 (5000K) D65 (6500K) or TL84(400K)

    •  Tubes:Graphica Special Purpose for Imported Printing Press

    •  CRI=98

    •  Tubes quality:36W × 4 (pc) - with illuminant timer

II. Material: All-metal material

    • Workbench cabinet: integral and thick sheet metal structure, solid and stable

    • Operating table: inclined design, in line with visual observation habits, imported reflective plate, uniform cover plate, uniform light

    • Lifting light source: all-metal  and streamlined design, beautiful and generous

III. Dimension: Large opposite size, easy to operate 

   •  Overall dimension:133 cm × 102 cm × 210 cm

   •  Platform size:135 cm × 89.5 cm

   •  Vertical dimension:133 cm × 96 cm



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