ACO 3233 振动水平仪

Acceleration pickup: Type 7833
Measuring level: 30dB to 119dB
Linearity range: 75dB
Frequency range: 1Hz to 80Hz
Dynamic characteristic: 0.63 second
Calibration: Electrical calibration by built-inoscillator(sinusoidal wave of 31.5Hz)
Display: Liquid crystal display (128x64 dots)
Output terminal: Independent output in 3 directions respectibely
AC output 
+ Output voltage : 316mVrms(full scale)
+ Output resustance : 600 ohm
+ Load resustance ; Not less than 10k ohm
DC output 
+ Output voltage : 2.5V(full scale) 0.25V/10dB
+ Out put resutance : 50 ohm
+ Load resutance : Not less than 10k ohm
Battery: Four AA batteries or AC adaptor
Weight Approximately: 380g including batteries

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