Ainuo ANFC350T(F) 三相交流电源 (350kVA, 530.3A)

Capacity: 350kVA


• Phase: 3-phawe 4-wires + PE

• Voltage: Phase voltage: 220V±33V, line voltage: 380V±57V

• Frequency: 50/60Hz±3Hz


• Phase: 3-phawe 4-wires

• Voltage: Phase voltage: 1 ~ 300.0V

Automatic files: (low) 1 ~ 150.0V, (high-grade) 150.1 ~ 300.0V; high-grade lock: (high-grade) 0 ~ 300.0V

• Frequency: 45.0~65.0Hz /100Hz /120Hz /200Hz /240Hz 

• Output current : 220V: 530.3A

• Setting accuracy

Voltage : Resolution: 0.1V, precision: 0.4%xreading value +0.4%xfull scale value

Frequency : Resolution: 0.01Hz, precision: 0.05%

• Measurement accuracy :

Voltage: Resolution: 0.1V, precision: 0.4%xreading value +0.4%xfull scale value

Frequency: Resolution: 0.01Hz, precision: 0.05%

Electric current: Resolution: 0.1A/1A, accuracy: 0.6%xdisplay value +0.6%xrated output value

Power: Resolution: 0.1 kW/0.01 kW/0.001 kW, precision: 0.75%xreading value +0.75%xfull scale value

Frequency stability: ≤0.02%

Voltage distortion: Linear load: THD < 3%

Transient recovery time: 20ms

3 phase phase difference: 3 phase standard mode: 120 degree + 2

Crest factor : 1.41±0.1

Power effect: ≤1%

Load effect: ≤1%

Over power:

105%<Output≤110% the output will be stopped within 15 Sec 110%<Output≤200% the output will be stopped within 5 Sec 200%<Output≤300% the output will be stopped within 2 Sec 300%<Output the output will be stopped immediately

Anti impact ability: Can withstand 3 times the rated current of 2S Protection mode: IGBT overheat, IGBT over current, Transformer overheat, Input lack voltage, Input over voltage, Output lack voltage, Output over voltage, Lack output phase, Output over load, Output short cirluit, Output over current

Efficiency: >86%


• Display mode: LCD display

• Softstart time 0.0~99.9S

• Online adjustment function: The output voltage and frequency (45-65Hz) can be adjusted online under running status.

• Memory function: Power down memory function, memory last output mode and parameters

• Shortcut group: 7 groups

• Line voltage crop compensation: 0.000~0.500 Ω

• Communication: RS232(standard) RS485(options) GPIB(options) Ethemet(options)

• Remote control: Remote control: Analog Control(Options)

Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 C

Operating Humidity: 20 ~ 90%RH

Dimension WxHxD(mm): 1800x1990x1400

Weight: 2370kg

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