AND HR-250A 电子天平 (252g, 0.0001g)

Capacity x Resolution (grams) 252 x 0.0001 g

Counting Mode

Min. Unit Mass 0.1 mg

Counting Mode

# of Samples 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces

Percent Mode

Min. 100% Ref. Mass 10.0 mg

Percent Mode

Min. 100% Display 0.01%, 0.1%, 1% 

(depends on the 

reference mass stored)

Repeatability (Std. Deviation) 0-200g x 0.1 mg

200-252g x 0.1 mg

Linearity ± 0.3 mg

Stabilization Time 

(typically set at FAST) Approximately 2 seconds

Sensitivity Drift 

(10°C to 30°C) ± 2 ppm / °C

Sensing Method Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)

Motorized Internal Calibration NO - only the HR-AZ Series offers this feature

Clock and calendar function NO - only the HR-AZ Series offers this feature. Date and time is required for GLP compliance. So if you are GLP then you must buy the HR-250AZ

Breeze Break Large Breeze Break 7.9" high (breeze break detaches in seconds making cleaning easier and enables top-loading operation.)

Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F), 85% RH or less (No condensation)

Display Type Reverse back-lit display

Display Refresh Rate 5 times / second or 10 times / second

Std. Serial Interface RS-232C Interface

Weighing Pan (diameter) 3.5" / 90 mm

External Calibration (Not included)

250 grams

200 grams 

100 grams

50 grams

AC Adaptor 120V AC Adapter Included.  This balance runs on AC Adapter only, will NOT run on standard off the shelf alkaline batteries.

Power Consumption Approximately 11 VA 

(supplied to the AC Adaptor)

External Dimensions

WxDxH 7.8" x 11.6" x 12.4"  

198 mm x 294 mm x 315 mm

Net Weight Approximately 9 lbs




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