AP&T AB1113 防电击交流离子棒 (AC7000V)

Working voltage: AC7000V

Power: 20W

Ion emission: Power frequency communication

Transmitting electrode: Tungsten

Discharge structure: Resistance coupling

Installation distance: 30→100mm

Ion balance: ≤|±150V|(AVE)

Dissipation speed: ≤1.0S(working distance100mm)

Operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C

Working humidity: <70%

Dimensions: L*W*H(150mm→3000mm)*21mm*32.4mm

Rod material:  Flame retardant PVC, AL

Mounting accessories: M4×20 hex mounting bolts

Supporting power supply: AP-AY1504/ AP-AY2504

High-voltage cable length:  2.5m (can be customized according to requirements, the longest size is 10m)

Certificate: CE



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