Bega Betex HXP 303 液压轴承拆卸车(30吨,680mm) 797600
Capacity: 30 ton
Shaft lenght Max: 465mm
Spread Max: 680 mm
Stroke: 111 mm
2/3-arm combination puller,integrated pump and cylinder!
Weight Kg: 34.0
Pump: Option AHP702 Set



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BETEX HXP hydraulicself-centering pullers2/3 ARM PULLER with seperate 2-stage hand pump, in practical case.
Safe and easy dismounting of bearings, couplings, rings etc.
Separate 2-stage hand pump available.(option)
Self-centering, easy to convert, 2-arm or 3-arm puller.
The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.
Arms can never deflect!
2/3-arm combination puller, 2 pullers for the price of one.
Use in combination with:
- Hand- and footpumpsets
The greater the pulling force, the tighter the jaws grip the object concerned! The arms cannot bend or deflect.

Advantages of self-centering pullers:
·        Prevent damage to shaft and object being pulled.
·        Work efficient and save time.
·        Accessory sets are available for the 8 and 12 ton pullers.
·        Supplied in handy carrying case.

 Shaft length
use in combination with pump set
 8 ton
 280 mm
 450 mm
 85 mm
AHP701 Set
 12 ton
 305 mm
 485 mm
 85 mm
AHP701 Set
 20 ton
 365 mm
 570 mm
 111 mm
AHP702 Set
 30 ton
 465 mm
 680 mm
 111 mm
AHP702 Set
 50 ton
 455 mm
 860 mm
 330 mm
AHP703 Set

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