Bench hardness tester calibration service

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What is a Bench Hardness Tester?

Bench Hardness Tester is a device used to measure metal hardness, suitable for measuring the hardness of iron, steel, pre-hardened steel, copper, brass, lead, zinc, ...

Bench Hardness Tester Calibration procedure

In order to best serve the customers, engineers at EMIN Vietnam have developed the Bench Hardness Tester Calibration procedure as follow:

Step 1, Prepare for calibration. In this step, standard instrument and the Bench Hardness Tester that requires calibration are needed.

Step 2, Begin the calibration

- Outside Check: Check for scratches, rust, buttons, labels (still or lost), ...

- Technical check: Start the instrument, check the function keys for errors, mismatches, running operation, speed/switching ability ...

- Measurement check: Switch the equipment to test mode, set the appropriate measurement configuration, check quality indicators related to the publication of the manufacturer ...

Step 3, General handling

In the calibration process of the Bench Hardness Tester, high-precision, low-error, highly specialized, ... calibration equipment is needed to ensure fast, accurate, quality calibration.
After calibration, the accuracy of the Bench Hardness Tester is brought to evaluation.

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EMIN Vietnam’s Calibration and Verification center has been established since 2020 to provide after-sales services. Calibration and Verification center is thoroughly equipped with technical equipment, followed by the assistance from various equipment manufacturers around the globe. At the center, calibration of specialized equipment is successfully carried out by experienced engineers in EMIN Vietnam, ensuring fast, accurate, reliable procedure to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements). Such technical capacity can only be performed by very few technology businesses in Vietnam. Meanwhile, after tireless effort, the Calibration and Verification center of EMIN Vietnam is officially certified to be accredited by the ISO 17025 standard (Jan, 2021).


For further information about Bench Hardness Tester Calibration service, please contact

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