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With the aim of serving customers with the best after-sales services, EMIN Vietnam has established the Equipment Inspection - Calibration - Repair Service Center. With the support from numerous equipment manufacturers in the world, EMIN Vietnam possesses well-prepared calibrating instruments. EMIN Vietnam has successfully repaired and calibrated specialized equipment in Vietnam, ensuring the quickness, effectiveness and convenience for customers. Only few technical trading company in Vietnam do possess this technical capacity including EMIN Vietnam.

>> Viscometer
Viscosity is a physical quantity that characterizes resistance due to the intrinsic friction created between molecules when they have sliding movements against each other.
- Viscosity meter is used to measure and test viscosity in many fields: food viscosity measurement, cosmetic viscosity measurement, chemical viscosity measurement, pharmaceutical viscosity measurement, environmental viscosity measurement ...

>> Other information
Viscosity is measured by two methods: kinetics and dynamics
 * The kinematic method is the viscosity flowing through a standard tube at a standard temperature of 40 - 100 degrees Celsius. The unit is centiStokes (sCt = mm2 / s)
 * A dynamic method is a measure of the sliding one oil over another. The unit is centiPoise (cP = mPa.s).
Calibration process
(Viscosity meter has a range of up to 200000 cP with an accuracy of 0.2%)
>> Calibration facility
Standard medium: Viscosity standard solution with accuracy of ≥ 0.1%.
Secondary vehicle
- pH measuring device:
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
- Heat stabilization tank:
Range: (0 - 100) *C
Stability: 0.01 *C
- Thermometer:
Range: (0 - 50) *C
Accuracy: 0.01 *C
- Means for measuring ambient temperature and humidity:
Range: (0 - 50) *C, (25 - 95)% RH
Resolution: 1 *C / 1% RH
- Desiccant pumps, laboratory glassware and viscosity washers.
- Instrument for measuring time, in 0.01 s divisions
>> Calibration conditions
When performing calibration, ensure the following:
- Temperature (25 ± 2) oC.
- Relative humidity (40 - 70)% RH.
>> Calibration preparation
Before performing calibration, carefully read the instructions for use of the standard and the equipment to be calibrated.
- Clean and dry the viscometer.
- Viscosity measuring equipment and standard solutions must be kept in the calibration area for at least 4 hours.
- Select the general calibration points corresponding to standard solutions.
>> Calibration
- External inspection
- Technical inspection
- Test measurement

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