California Instruments AST 1501 高性能可编程AC/DC电源(1500W)

Enclosure: 1U 

Output Phase: 1-Phase 

Output Power: 1,500 VA/ 1,500 W

AC and AC+DC: Output Current, Full-Scale 

Low-Range: 7.5 A (RMS) at 200 VAC.

High-Range: 3.75A (RMS) at 400 VAC.

DC Output Current, Full-Scale

Low-Range: 6.0 ADC at 250 VDC.

High-Range: 3.0 ADC at 500 VDC.

AC Input Specifications

Enclosure: 1U

Input Voltage,Nominal Rating: 100VAC-120VAC/200-240 VAC

Input Voltage,Operating Range: 90-132 VAC/180VAC-264VAC

Input Current, Maximum with 1-Phase Input: 20 A(RMS) at 90 VAC to 103.5 VAC

Input Current, Maximum with 3-Phase Input: 13 A(RMS) at 90 VAC



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