CEM DT-3348 AC 钳式功率计 (240kW, AC/DC-1000A/600V, True RMS)

Function: Max Range - Max. Resolution - Basic Accuracy

AC Current: 1000 A  ;  0.1A  ;  ±(2.5%+5d)

DC Current: 1000 A  ;  0.1A  ;  ±(3.0%+4d)

AC Voltage: 600V  ;  0.1mV  ;  ±(0.8%+2d)

DC Voltage: 600V  ;  0.1mV  ;  ±(1.0%+4d)

Resistance: 40MΩ  ;  0.1Ω  ;  ±(1.0%+4d)

Frequency: 10MHz  ;  0.01MHz  ;  ±(1.2%+3d)

AC Power: 240kW  ;  10W  ;  ±(3.0%+5d)

DC Power: 240kW  ;  10W  ;  ±(2.5%+5d)

Size (H x W x D): 229mm x 80mm x 49mm

Weight: 303g

Accessories: Test leads, gift box with carrying case & 9V battery




True RMS AC Voltage and Current

DC and AC True Power to 240kW

1.2˝(30mm) Clamp jaw opening

Electronic overload protection

Continuity buzzer & Diode check

Data Hold function

DCA Zero function

Auto Power Off

Low battery indication

AC/DC Current

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