CEM DT-8896 Psychrometer with InfraRed Thermometer

InfraRed Temperature Range / Resolution / Accuracy: 

    -50~-20ºC(-58~-4ºF) / 0.1ºC/ºF / ± 5.0ºC(9.0ºF)

    -20~500°C(-4~932ºF) / 0.1ºC/ºF / ±2% reading or ±2ºC(4ºF)

Type K Temperature

    Range: -100~1372ºC(-148~2501ºF)

    Resolution: 0.01ºC/ºF

    Accuracy: ±3% ±0.20m/s

Air Temperature

    Range: -10~60ºC(14~140ºF)

    Resolution: 0.1ºC/ºF

    Accuracy: ± 2.0ºC(4.0ºF)


    Range: 0%~99.9%RH

    Resolution: 0.1%RH

    Accuracy: ±2%RH

Dew Point Temp.

    Range: -30ºC~100ºC(-22ºF~199ºF)

    Resolution: 0.1ºC/ºF

    Accuracy: ±0.5ºC/0.9ºF

Wet Bulb Temp.

    Range: 0ºC~80ºC(32ºF~176ºF)

    Resolution: 0.1ºC/ºF

    Accuracy: ±0.5ºC/0.9ºF

Size(HxWxD): 255mm x 75mm x 50mm

Weight: 350g

Accessories: 9V battery, type K temperature probe and gift box with carrying case.



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