CEM IR-92 非接触红外测温仪

Use for food

Temperature Range: -35 to 300oC/-31 to 572°F

D:S: 4:1

Temperature accuracy: Below 39°F (4°C)  ±3.6°F (2°C)

                                      39 to 150°F (4 to 65°C)  ±2°F (1°C)

                                      Above 149°F (65°C) ±(1%+2°F(1°C)) of reading.

Response Wavelength range: 8-14um

Resolution: 0.1

Emissivity: Fixed at 0.97

Response Time: About 150ms

Laser wavelength: 630-660nm

Laser class: Class 2

Low power indication: Yes

Weight: 190g

Size(HxWxD):  186mm x45mm x 38mm 

Accessories: 9V battery, Clamshell



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