Chauvin Arnoux C.A 1900 Thermal camera for measuring body temperature (120x160px, 30~45°C, warning body with high temperature)

C.A 190

IR detector

Type: UFPA microbolometer

Spectral range: 8~14µm

Resolution:  120 x 160

IR imaging performance

Fluctuation of the measurement in adaptive mode:  < 20 mK at 30°C

NETD * < 60 mK at 30°C

Frequency: 9 Hz

Objective: 28° x 38 (typical)°

IFOV (spatial resolution): 4.1 mrad

Min. focal distance: 0.3 m


Adjustment: Fixed focus

Visible image

Built-in digital video: 480 x 640

Illuminator: no

Min. focal distance: 0.05 m

Presentation of the images

Images displayed:  Infrared image, visible image

Video output:  no

LCD screen: 2.8 " 240 x 320

Display of the images:  Pseudo-colours, multiple palettes


Freezing of image Moving or frozen image

Storage of files Micro SD and SD HC card

Measurement of the skin temperature

Temperature range:  30 to 45°C

Accuracy:  ±0.5°C

Battery system Type Ni-MH, low self-discharge - 1.2 V, 2500

Environmental specification

Temperature range of operation for other

than body measurements: -15 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)

Temperature range, storage: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F)

Humidity: 10 to 95 %

Altitude: < 2000 m and 10000 m in storage

Pollution degree: 2

For use indoors and outdoors.

Mechanical characteristics

Mass Approximately: 720 g with batteries

Dimensions: 225 x 125 x 83 mm

Drop resistance: 2 m on all sides

Impact resistance: 25G

Vibration resistance: 2G

Protection: IP54

Standard delivery 

The CA 1900 camera is delivered in a site-proof case

with 4 NiMH batteries and battery charger,

1 micro SD HD card,

1 USB cable,

1 Bluetooth earpiece,

1 test report,

1 quick start guide


Mains adapter P01651533




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