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CHC Biotech B-CV(CLB-201)-06 Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet


- Dimensions (W×D×H,mm):

+ Exterior: 1960 × 740 × 1935 

+Workspace: 1840  × 620 × 565 

- Material:

+Exterior:         Al, SPCC (Epoxy Powder Coated) 

+ Interior:         STS 304 

+ Sash:        Tempered Glass

- Max Sash open Height(mm):         374 [14.7”] 

- Weight(kg):  250 


-Average Downflow Velocity(m/s):          0.30 ~ 0.40 (Variable Set Speed) 

- Filter Efficiency:         

+ Pre-filter : Nylon Filter 

+ HEPA Filter: > 99.997% at 0.3 μm 

- Noise Level (dB(A):           < 65 


- Power Supply:          220 V, 60 Hz (Option: 220V, 50Hz)

- Fluorescent Lamp:         PL 36 W × 2 EA

- UV Lamp:      30 W × 1 EA 

- Power Receptacles:         220 V × 2 EA

- Power Consumption:   220V: 250W


- Additional Service Valves(Gas, Air, Water)

- Utility Hole

Lower stand:

- Support frame (Height (mm)): 633

- Leveling Caster (Basic): 72


- Product Introduction:

As a representative Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet of CHC Biotech, it is suitable for general aseptic and dustfree experiments, or experiments using relatively large instruments or equipment (ex. microscope)

- Product Details:


Pre-Filter is installed on the air inlet to protect the HEPA Filter and extend its lifespan.

+HEPA Filter:

Removes more than 99.997% of 0.3 μm particles (dust, bacteria, viruses, etc.).

+Differential Pressure Gauge:

Able to check the life of the HEPA filter with the differential pressure gauge attached to the front pan

+LCD Display Panel:

The unique single control system of CHC Biotech is capable of controlling all movements of the Laminar Flow Cabinet. E.g. Safety Alarm Systems, Warm-up and Post-Purge, UV Timer, and Filter Life Alarm are applied to ensure safe use.

+Power Socket & Utility Valve:

The socket with a safety cover and a utility valve is applied for the convenience of the experimenter in the workspace. (Applicable Utility: Gas, Air, Water, Vacuum)

+Horizontal Caster:

The height is adjustable, thus it is easy to adjust the level. The stopper makes it easy to move and fix the device.

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