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CHC Biotech CHC-888B2-04S Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ-Type A2


- Dimensions (W×D×H, mm):        

+ External :   1385 x 850 x 2540

+ Workspace: 1250 x 615 x 625 

- Material:         

+ External:         Al, SPCC (Epoxy Powder Coated) 

+ Interior:         STS 304 

+ Sash:         Laminated Glass

+ Standard Sash height (mm):           203 [8"] 

+ Max. opening height (mm):       455 [17.9"]

+ Weight (kg):  327


- Average inflow velocity (m/s):          0.53

- Average downflow velocity (m/s):          0.32

- Filter efficiency:         HEPA Filter > 99.997% at 0.3 μm

- Noise (dB(A)) :        < 67 

- Nominal exhaust volume (CMH):  1390 

- Static Duct Pressure  (mmAq): 60.1

Electricity:  220 V, 60 Hz  

-  Fluorescent lamp:       PL 36  W × 2 EA 

- UV lamp:         30 W × 1 EA 

- Power socket:         220V × 2EA 

- Power Consumption:         220V: 330W 

Utility valve:         Vacuum × 1 EA (right), drain valve 

- Exhaust Canopy Ø250


- Stainless Steel IV Bar

- Additional Service Valves (Gas, Air, Water) 

- ULPA Filter

Lower stand:

- Support frame (Height (mm)): 633

- Caster (Height (mm)):

+ Leveling Caster (Basic): 82

+ Urethane: 105


-Biological safety cabinet Class Ⅱ

The Biological Safety Cabinet is a basic safety equipment that is used to protect researchers from pathogenic microorganisms and infectious substances during material handling, tests, and experiments while ensuring a safe laboratory environment

- Introduction of item:

BSC Class Ⅱ, developed for the first time in Korea by CHC Biotech, is an effective product that protects workers, the environment, and samples. It is essential safety equipment for all laboratories handling microorganisms and pathogens belonging to BL 1-3.

- Product Features:

+ ECO-Friendly:

* EComes with a highly efficient DC ECM Motor

Provides optimal balance through a steady stream of airflow, with lesser noise and energy consumption.

* Energy Saving Mode

Ability to reduce energy consumption by enabling the energy saving mode during rest hours (fan speed below 50%).

+ Safety:

*Stainless Steel 304 (STS 304)

The workspace is made of STS 304 material for easy maintenance and decontaminati

*High-efficiency HEPA Filter

It filters fine particles smaller than 0.3 μm with an efficiency of over 99.997%, providing ISO Class 5 clean air in your workspace.

*Door Alarm Sash Level for Convenience and Safety

For user convenience and safety considerations, the door alarm function installed will sound when outside the appropriate range (Sash Level) to help users use it easily and safely.


*Convenient filter replacement

Filters can be replaced through the front opening without moving the product, making maintenance easy.

*LED lamp application

The LED lamp reduces the fatigue of the operator's eyes and reduces maintenance costs due to its long lifespan

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