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CHC lab Q90.195.060 Flammable Safety Cabinet Type 90 (1 door, 22L)

Exterior: 1 door

+External Specification (WxDxH, mm):         599 x 615 x 1953

+Internal Specification (WxDxH, mm):        450 x 522 x 1657

+Depth of an open door(mm) : 1129

+ Weight(kg):        265


+Quantity(EA) :        3 

+Maximum Load(kg): 75/per

 Spill Tray:

+Quantity(EA) :        1         

+Load Capacity(ℓ) :         22


Pass Fire Test (90 minutes)

By obtaining a fire-resistance rating of 90 minutes, the fire truck's dispatch time and fire suppression time can be guaranteed for 90 minutes in the event of a fire.

Duct Exhaust Connection

The exhaust vent located at the top of the product effectively discharges odors and harmful gases and automatically closes the exhaust vent in the event of a fire to block the outflow of harmful gases to the outside.

Automaticlly Closed Door

A low melting point lead sigeon unit automatically closes the door to prevent secondary damage if a fire occurs and the temperature rises above a certain temperature.

Height Adjustable Shelf

A height adjustment hole of 32mm is machined to adjust the height of the shelf, which allows fine height adjustment of the shelf and supports a load of up to 75kg.

Expandable Interior Material

The expandable interior finish between the door and the frame swells in response to heat in the event of a fire, sealing the gap between the door and the frame and blocking the entry of heat into the cabinet. It keeps the temperature inside constant.

Large storage capacity

The large-capacity storage cabinet offers three basic shelves and can store about 95 liters of water for three double-door type shelves and 190 liters for six drawers. (3 base shelves and 1 base spill tray provided)

Fire resistant filler double replenishment structure

A double supplement with a fireproof filler between the outer wall and the inner wall blocks the inflow of heat and keeps the temperature of the interior space constant

Dimensional drawing

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