CHN SPEC CS-200 精密色度计

Ilumination system: 8/d(8°/diffused illumination,specular component included(SCI)
+ Display modes: Colorimetric values: L*a*b,L*C*h,△E*ab,XYZ,relative RGB values;
+ Color difference values: △(L*a*b),△(L*C*h);
+ Whiteness values:hunter whiteness,ganz whiteness
+ Yellowness value:YI
Measuring caliber: About 8mm
Measuring conditions: CIE 10° standard observer; CIE D65 light source
Repeatability: Standard deviation within△E*ab*0.08(condition: measure the white calibration board 30 times for average
Storage: 100 sets of standard samples; up to 100 under each standard sample
Measuring time: About 0.5 seconds
Measuring light source: LED
Interface languages: Chinese,English
Power source: Four AA1.5V Alkaline battery or nickel-metal hydride batterys;Exclusive DC5V adapter
Port: USB 2.0, printer
Weight: 550g
Size: 77×86×210mm


Professional design, po werful instrument functions
●Obtained China M etrology Accredition

●Both Chinese and English language options
●Ultra stable performance
●Display precision 0.01
●Repeatability precision AE standard deviation 0.08
●Can measure whiteness or yellowness
●Measu re  at m ultiple spots fo r average
●Enhance the measure accuracy through white and
●black calibration
Professional desiqn,  po werful instrument functions

● Human engineering design

● Large data storage space
● Multiple modes of color values
● PC software and data control
● USB and bluetooth for data transmission
● Provides accurate measuring time settings
● Can manually set up L*a*b* value for standard samples
● Suitable for a company internal and external
● color evaluation and data control


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