创威CW-F01-S PCB路由器

  • 制造商: Chuangwei
    Model: CW-F01-S
    保障: 12 month
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Dimensions(W*D*H): 1370mm*1650mm*1450mm
Weight: 650KG
Height offset: 60~110mm
Motor type: JiaBao series
Positioning repeatability: 0.001mm
Axis working area(max): 830mm*580mm*50mm
Work station 
PCB fixation: standard,specialization
PCB loading/unloading: manual
PCB size (max): 320*320mm
PCB thick (max): 5mm
Rigidity fixturing: Use client fixture
Fixturing fixation: machinery
Spindle: Motor 
Power: 150W
Spindle : 60000rpm/min
Protect: self/wind cooling
Change cutter: Specialization
Routing: capability 
Cutting speed(max.): 80mm/s
Driving speed(max.): 2500mm/s
Precision of cutting: 0.01mm
Vacuum System 
Vacuum power: 3.5KW AC 380V
Vacuum: plumb
Power: 2.0KW AC380V
Air supply: 4-6KG/cm2
Program edit : Inline
Function edit : Line,arc,circula,U-curve
Program storage : HDD
Vision system : SONE colour CCD
milling cutter offset: AUTO
Vacuum setup: AUTO
Operation Monitors 
Iindicator: Iindicator Machine state
tool check: Automatic detection tool life, the use of time testing
Motor protect: Have overheating, overload, low voltage protection function
motor over loading check: Have Overload, the line is normal, low voltage protection function
Tool usable time: Automatic detection tool life,
Data statistic: Separate board model, separating count, diverse counting methods
Error record: Software automatically records all alarms memory of machines
III. Accuracy 
Axis precision: 0.001mm
Cutting precision: 0.1mm
IV. Safety 
Working area protect: With four sealed protection
Door sensor: Front and rear safety door micro-switch sensor (optional)
Exigency stop button



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