Cometech QC-621K 表面硬度磨损测试仪

Specimen size: width 20-200mm,thickness max 50mm

Grip: Attached with one set of standard grips for flat specimen, or optional grip specificied by users.

Control panel: test speed:10-150mm/sec

Counter: 1~99999999 times, auto stop

Max abrasion force: 8 kgs

Abrasion Head(optional): Abrasion head :a.Φ6.35mm: sand bar holder (excluding sand bar),b.Φ16mm: white cloth, c.Φ16mm steel wool (or specified by user)

Weight sets: 50g、100g、200g、300g、500g、1000g( the basic weight is 200g):

Machine Weight: 46 kg

Machine Dimension:  70×35×40 cm

Abrasion distance: 5~150mm (adjustable); by Stepping motor transmisson

Power: 100V~240V,50/60HZ

Machine Weight: 46 kg



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