DaiHan ICA-150 二氧化碳孵化器 (150L, 0~20% CO2)

Capacity: 150 Lit

Heating Mechanism: Air Jacket

CO2 Sensor: Digital Signal Processing NDIR Sensor

Temp.Range & Accuracy: Room Temp +5°C~50°C, Accuracy ± 0.1°C at 20~25°C

CO2 Range & Accuracy: 0~20% CO2 Concentration, Accuracy ± 0.1% at 5%

Heat up Time(to 37°C): 30 min to 37°C

CO2 Concentration Time(to 37°C): 25 min to 5%

Heating Power: 570 W

CO2 Outlet: 1kg/cm3

UV Lamp: 254 nm x 1ea

Controller: Programmable Microprocessor Digital PID Controller with LCD Back Light

Shelf(Included): 2 Stainless-steel Perforated Shelf

Circulation: Circulation Fan with HEPA Filter(0.3µm)

Safety: Temp & CO2 Alarm, Over Temp Protector, Sensor Error Display, Leakage Breaker


+ Interior: Stainless-steel Polished

+ Exterior: Stainless-steel Hair Lined


+ Interior: Tempered Safety Glass Door

+ Exteriror: Magnetic Packing Door


+ Interior: 495 x 515 x h600mm

+ Exterior: 660 x 645 x h1010mm

Weight: 77 kg

Packing Size & Gross Weight: 730 x 810 x h1130 mm, 92 kg

Power Consumption: 610 W

Electric Reqts.: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase

Spare Accessory 

DH.IncA1001 (1) Perforated Shelf, STS, for "ICA-100", w440 x d400 mm

DH.IncA1002 (1) Perforated Shelf, STS, for "ICA-150", w485 x d445 mm 

DH.IncA1005 (2) UV Lamp 254 nm, Φ30 x 205 mm, for "ICA"

Optional Accessory

H11.801.10MC (3) Regulator, Single-stage, 30psi, CO2



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