DaiHan ThermoStable™ SIR-420 SMART 低温孵化器 (60℃, ±0.2℃, 420L)

Capacity: 420 L

Temp.Range & Accuracy: 0°C~60°C, ±0.2°C at 37°C

Temp.Uniformity & Sensor: ±0.5°C at 37°C, ±1.4°C at 50°C, PT100 Sensor

Heat-up Time: 35 min. to 37°C, 35 min. to 50°C

Recovery Time(Door open 30 sec): 12 min. to 37°C, 15 min. to 50°C

Heating Power/Consumption: 1.2 kW

Compressor: 1/2 HP

Compressor Control: Intelligent Control of Refrigerator for preventing Overload of Compressor

Refrigerant: CFC-Free(R-404A) Refrigeration System

Timer & Alarm: 99hr 59min (with delay/Continuous run.), Error status & Timer-end

Display: 4" Full Touch Screen TFT LCD

Controller: Smart-Lab™ Controller

Inner Door: with 1ea of Inner Tempered Glass Door

Shelves: Included 3 x PE-coated Steel Shelves 

Permitted Total Load: Total load 48 kg (16kg x 3 Shelves)

Material: Internal: Stainless-steel(#304), External: Powder Coated-steel

Dimension(w x d xh):

+ Interior(mm): 705 x 605 x 1000

+ Exterior(mm): 840 x 932 x 1753

Net Weight: 202 kg

Packing size (mm) Gross Weight: 1100 x 1100 x 2140, 277 kg

Power Consumption: 2.3 kW

Electrical Reqts: 1 Phase, AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz

(1) Spare PE-coated Steel Wire Shelf

DH.WIR11150 Wire Shelf, PE Coated steel, "IRS150", w470 x d480mm, for "SIR-150", "SIR-250"

DH.WIR11420 Wire Shelf, PE Coated steel, "IRS420", w675 x d585mm, for "SIR-420" 

DH.WIR11700 Wire Shelf, PE Coated steel, "IRS700", w770 x d680mm, for "SIR-700" 

(2) Optional Stainless-steel Wire Shelf

DH.WIR21150 Wire Shelf, Stainless-steel, "IRU150", w470 x d480rnm, for "SIR-150", "SIR-250" 

DH.WIR21420 Wire Shelf, Stainless-steel, "IRU420", w675 x d585mm, for "SIR-420" 

DH.WIR21700 Wire Shelf, Stainless-steel, "IRU700", w770 x d680mm, for "SIR-700" 



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