DaiHan CWS-8 2 蒸馏水器 (7.5 Lit/hr)

Capacity: Max. 7.5 Lit/hr

Cooling Water: 60~80 Lit


+ Function: Remove Rust, Particles & Scale-forming Impurity

+ Material: PP (Polypropylene)

+ Housing: PC (Polycarbonate Bottle + PP (Polypropylene) Lid

+ Pore size: 1µm

+ Heat-resisting: 85°C

Water Purity: 0.3 MΩ.cm (resistivity), pH5.4 to 7.3

Level Sensor: Auto On/Off with Water Level Sensor/Micro Level Sensor


+ Interior: Stainless-steel

+ Exterior: Stainless-steel Hair Lined with Powder Coating

+ Heater: Stainless-steel pipe

Safety: Low Water & Over Temperature Protection, Electric Leakage Circuit Breaker

Dimension(w x d x h): 445 x 325 x h630mm

Net Weight: 18 kg

Packing Size(w x d x h): 450 x 380 x h670mm

Gross Weight: 19 kg

Power Consumption: 6 kW

Plug Style: Plug Code "C"

Electric Reqts.: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase

(1) Spare Prefilter:

DH.WatA1001 PP 1µm pore Cartridge Prefifter Housing Kit, "CWS-A1001"

DH.WatA1002 PP 1µm pore Cartridge Prefifter Only, "CWS-A1002" 

DH.WatA1003 Housing Only, PC Bottle & PP Lid "CWS-A1003" 

(2) Optional HDPE Storage Bottle:

SL.Bot3102 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 5L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ200 x h360mm

SL.Bot3103 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 10L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ250 xh460mm

SL.Bot3104 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 20L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ300 X h555mm

SL.Bot3105 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 50L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ380 X h700mm



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