DaiHan FHX-03 可编程数字马弗炉 (3升)

Temp. Range: 300°C~1200°C

Capacity: 3 Lit

Heater: Kanthal A1, Expose Wire Heating Elements, 4-Side Heating

Thermocouple: K-type Thermocouple

Heating Power: 1.6 kW

Required time to be reached 800°C: 16 min

Timer & Alarm: 99hr 59 min (Continuous run), Error status & Timer-end

Display: Digital LCD with Back-Light Function

Controller: Digital PID Controller with Jog-Dial Switch (Turn+Push)

Program Function: 4 Patterns with 10 Segments

Safety Circuit: Over-Temp./-Current protection, Sensor Error Detection, Safety Switch for Door Opening

Material: Ceramic Fiber with Heating Wire-Internal, Powder Coated steel-External, Ceramic Fiber-Insulation

Dimension(w x d x h):

+ Internal (cm): 13 x 25 x 9

+ External (cm): 41 x 48 x 53

Packing Size(w x d x h) (cm): 63 x 54 x 77

Gross Weight: 47 kg

Electrical Reqts.: 1 Phase, AC 230 V, 50/60Hz

Spare Ceramic Fiber Plate:

DH.WF211.03 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 120x215mm, "FS1103" for 3Lit

DH.WF211.05 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 140x265mm, "FS1105" for 3Lit

DH.WF211.12 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 190x265mm, "FS1112" for 12Lit

DH.WF211.14 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 240x310mm, "FS1114" for 14Lit

DH.WF211.27 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 280x280mm, "FS1127" for 27Lit

DH.WF211.63 (1) Ceramic Fiber Plate, 400x400mm, "FS1163" for 63Lit

Optional Glove:

K9.26592 (2) Glove, Heat Resistant, 800°C, 1 Pair, L330mm

AS1.7896.01 (3) Glove, Heat Resistant, 1000°C, 1 Pair, L450mm

AS1.7896.02 (3) Glove, Heat Resistant, 1000°C, 1 Pair, L350mm



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