DaiHan New-P.NIX RO 180 净水器 (15L/Hr, 0.2 ~ 30㎲/cm)

Certified Mark: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Product Flow Rate(RO): Max 15L/Hr.

Daily Volume: 60L/day

Water Quality Display:

+ RO product: 0.2 to 250 µs/cm

+ Feed water: 10 to 1000 µs/cm

+ Temperature: 0 to 99.9℃

Display: 16 x 4 Characters Backlight LCD Digital Display

Controller: Microprocess One Touch Technology

Dimensions(w x d x H): 300 x 460 x h470mm

Power: 210~230V, 50/60Hz, 60W

Optional Accessory:

SL.Bot3102 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 5L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ200 x h360mm

SL.Bot3103 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 10L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ250 xh460mm

SL.Bot3104 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 20L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ300 X h555mm

SL.Bot3105 (1) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, White, 50L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ380 X h700mm

SL.Bot3106 (2) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, Amber, 5L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ200 x h360mm

SL.Bot3107 (2) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, Amber, 10L, Neck id-Φ70, Φ250 x h460mm 

SL.Bot3108 (2) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, Amber, 20L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ300 x h555mm

SL.Bot3109 (2) Bottle, HDPE, Aspiration, Amber, 50L, Neck id-Φ95, Φ380 x h700mm

Spare Filter:

DH.WWP.PR14AC (3) 14" Super A/C Filter (Replace Period: Approx. 3-4 Month)

DH.WWP.10PF (4) 10" Prefilter for HMC-PT1 (Replace Period: 20 - 40 Day)

DH.WWP.ROM1 (5) P.NIX RO Pack I for DH.WWP.RO180 (Replace Period: Approx. 1 Year)

DH.WWP.ROM2 (6) P.NIX RO Pack II for DH.WWP.R0280 (Replace Period: Approx. 1 Year)

DH.WWRROM3 (7) P.NIX RO Pack III for DH.WWP.R0380 (Replace Period: Approx. 1 Year)



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