DOLANG DL-JLJC-01 Pressure temperature level and flow process control training system

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    Model: DL-JLJC-01
    保障: 12 month
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The device is composed by PLC, temperature sensors, solenoid valves, touch screen. Switching and sequential logic control is completed by sensor signal acquisition, PLC programming, solenoid valves of pumps and PID closed-loop control is completed by touch screen for real-time monitoring and control equipment.

2. Function system

1) Modular design, easy to maintenance and modify

2) Industrial components of process control

3) Open hard control platform, easy to assembly and disassembly and debugging

4) Complete training content, program analysis, program implement, program summary and ability test

3. Technical parameter

1) Power supply:AC220V±10%, single phase, three line

2) Temperature: -10℃~40℃, humidity: ≤90%(25℃)

3) Total capacity: ≤1.5KVA

4) Protection: ground protection, leakage, overload and overvoltage protection.



In people's lives as well as many other areas of industrial production control problems are often related to temperature, pressure floe and level. Such as liquid storage tank household water supply, beverage, liquid filtration, chemical manufacturing and other sectors of the production process.

DL-JLJC-01 pressure temperature level and flow process control trainer can simulate process control object of life and industrial production truly. It is designed for vocational and technical education, higher education and professional development of the PLC control training platform.

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