DOLANG DLCG-DS130 动力、压力、温度传感器培训设备

● Input power: AC 220V±10% (single-phase,three-wire)

● Sensor experimental power supply: DC24V

● Rated power: <1000VA

● Rotating source: 0~200 r/min (adjustable)

● Environment temperature: -10℃ ~40℃

● Relative humidity: ≤85%

● Total dimension: 1580×750×1700mm

■ Optional

● Computer 

● Testing software



The system is innovative and open system,fully adopt the sensor elements which are actual used in industrial and agricultural production to training. There are a variety of commonly used power supply on the experimental apparatus Sensors involve photoelectric type sensor, capacitive sensor, inductive sensor, electromagnetic sensor, ultrasonic sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor.

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